Sunday, 16 June 2013

"I Do"

These words are due to come out of my mouth in approximately 6 weeks, and the question I've been asked the most is "who is doing your hair"? well that will be revealed on the day...stay tuned.

I can however share my tips with you on the routines I've developed over the past few months. Nothing new really except sometimes we need to be told so as to put into practices! so am telling you to keep it simple :)

I started by washing my hair at least twice a week using Philip Kingsley moisture extreme shampoo followed by moisture balancing conditioner. This ensured that my hair was clean and moisturised (try washing your hair more often and you will notice the difference in your hair texture and condition). I know the myth but to be honest you would not go a day without taking a bath and the same skin on your body is the same on your head.

My hair is getting the right treatment, I had to ensure that I was maintaining a healthy balanced diet (avoiding as best possible to go on diets) and lifestyle. We'll come back to the effects of  poor diet later.

Once I had my routine on lock,  I also incorporated hair supplements to help give my hair the extra boost it needed on the days I may have forgotten to eat properly (opsie!) we all have those days. To ensure your hair does not suffer supplements can help provide your hair with targeted nutrients (I'll write a blog looking at supplements and dispel the myths).

Trimming your hair after a relax is very important to maintaining healthy hair, it prevents split ends. Remember it is better to be preventive than to cure!

Enjoy loving your mane and let us know your routine!

Our first post.... we hope you enjoyed.

your mane stop.


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  1. Great first post Avos Hair. I hope it is the first of many to come. i have a certain things to do list in wedding photography, and working with you very soon is very high up on this list. Bless.

    1. Thank you :)
      Would be an absolute pleasure!