Saturday 27 April 2019

AVOS Hair at The Nu Bride The Wedding Show

When Nova Reid of Nu Bride (wedding blog we've had the joy of seeing our work published on - thanks you) announced that Nu Bride would be hosting a Wedding Show, we knew immediately we wanted to be a part of it.

Why? because the core ethos and purpose of the show struck a cord with us instantly.

Our brand ethos; Passion, Commitment and Great Service.

We have attended and exhibited at a number of shows in the past and whilst each of these show achieved what they set out to Nu Bride The Wedding Show took things a step further, it was about inclusiveness, to coin a term from Nova herself … we get married too.

From the moment I walked into Camden House I knew it would be a great show and we'd be left wanting more and speaking to co-exhibitors afterwards we all agreed that we needed more time to continue to bask in the warmth, thoughtfulness and INCLUSIVENESS of it all.

Being backstage and working with other creatives on the day such as Rita Colson, Adeola Gboyega & Gresa both from Bobbi Brown UK, Joyce Connor, House of Bilimora, Charlie Brear, Brides do Good, Keye London and incredible models (Tinar Dandanjena, Paigetysims, Ceci Zhang, Paigepbear and Natalie Juliet) were amazing fuse and representation of womanity (they empowered and supported each other throughout the show and this was amazing to witness). AVOS Hair was on hand to style the models and Nova Reid during the show.

The support from the Nu Bride team meant that the catwalk show delivered on every point and that for me was the cut above the rest.

The catwalk was fused with music from the uber talented Songbird Sessions with cellist Jay Emme and the incredible dancers from SolDansCompany (secretly re imagining my wedding day with me walking down the isle to the voices Songbird Sessions serenading and ushering me forward to my groom whilst SolDansCompany dance me in).

The show was evidence of what is possible when like minded people come together and I for one was blessed to have witnessed Nova put together a dream show for couples who wanted to be seen and be heard. It was organised impeccably with gusto and heart, Thank you Nova Reid.

Some pictural highlights (captured beautifully by Becky Bailey Photography) from the show (also check out the hashtag #nubridetheweddingshow on Instagram for more on what was truly a spectacular show).

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

friendly welcome

Songbird Sessions

Conor wearing bespoke suit by Keye London

Nova with the Models L-R Natalie, Paigetysims, Nova, Ceci, Paigepbear and Tinar

Exhibitors at the Nu Bride The Wedding Show 2019

models Ceci & Natalie

Nova Reid

Nu Bride Team