Tuesday 13 August 2013


I've been coasting and so have you!

When I started freelancing, I had a a lot to prove to myself and to everyone else. I have the skills combined with the passion to create hair styles for the day to day woman to edgy styles for fashion shows et al. I  soaked in as much as I could learning from various individuals who knew their craft and had their A game on. I created pieces, made hair my canvas and created styles that when even I finished I'd ask myself 'did I do that?' and I'd smile to myself knowing that I did.
Now I found over the past few years that I have not necessarily pushed or challenged myself as much as I did back then when it comes to creating edgy styles. Brings to memory an occasion when a friend was celebrating her birthday in Florence, Italy,  I was tasked with giving her a new hair style for her 21st. It was a four day trip, we got to our apartment late, unpacked and went out for dinner. We got back around 10pm. The rest of the group had gone to sleep around 11pm and so we began... she wanted a short bob style weave. I did the cane-rows (I always say this is the most critical part of a weave - if this is done wrongly then no matter how much you try the weave just wont look right- my opinion) and then sowed the extensions in place noting she wanted a short bob style. Then the art of cutting began (I didn't have the right scissors but somehow forged ahead - if memory serves me right we used a blade - am not a fan of blades).

I finished. she looked in the -mirror and said 'I like, but we can do more'. 'I want it edgy-ier' so she sat back down and I proceeded to give her edgy-ier. I'd say with a listening ear and willingness to deliver I gave her edgy-ier. She was happy and I was elated! I had pushed myself to deliver.

I look at my clientèle now and I find that most my clients are seeking styles that looks great on them and gives them that extra oomph.... Hopping and skipping their way through the day with the mantra "I look too good to be stressed" you know that feeling... The one you get when your hair is looking on point and your getting compliments from everyone... The one that gets the wolf whistles et al. Yea that feeling of euphoria and pure bliss... yes your hair can give you that (hence the millions women spend and are willing to spend). Whilst there is nothing wrong with this I try to encourage my clients to try something new, because if they do then am also pushing myself. Some of my clients I've had the pleasure of styling for over 5 years have this conversation with me... 'lets try something new' but on the day I hear 'I'd like the usual'.

In life we find something we are good at or like and tend to stick to it (bit too much sometimes it becomes mundane and boring!!) so every now and again it's good to try something new put the oomph back in your step! 

So like me if you find that you're stuck in a hair rot be brave! take that picture of the hair style you've been admiring for weeks (or years as the case maybe) to your stylist and follow through. Get that style done and walk out with a new found sense of freedom. And if you don't like it then at least you can say I gave it a go (but my general tip before you do it to your own hair is - try it out with extensions first and see how you feel before taking the plunge especially when it comes to things like colouring / cutting).

as always...love your mane.