Thursday 14 November 2013

Mane Spa Treatment

Mane Spa Treatment

Intensive hair and scalp treatments for the very best results in mane health, shine and condition.

The Treatment

Scalp Masks
A choice of intensive scalp treatments to exfoliate or stimulate.

Intensive pre shampoo treatment

Applied to improve penetration of Scalp Mask & Elasticizer

To improve circulation, aid in relaxation & lymphatic drainage

Shampoo, conditioner and scalp toner.

Treatment clinically designed by Philip Kingsley now available at AVOS HAIR

Yes,  your hair deserves a spa treat too. We look forward to hearing from you.

Love your mane.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Bridal Mane Tips

Your mane is one of the most important features that will be a point of focus on the big day so it is essential that you maintain a healthy mane habit leading up to the big day and after. Healthy mane [and skin] must be nurtured and cared for; it is a sign of overall health and well-being.

If you chose a simple style, stick to it. The opinion of others really is not that important. The important thing is for you to feel and look how you want to on the day; the pictures will last a lifetime.

It is advisable that you have a trial run; the way a style looks on someone else will not look the same on you so it is important that the way you look is how you want on the day. 

For your trial you should bring along images of mane styles you like to help your stylist understand the look you’re going for. Be realistic, think about your day to day mane styles and how you like to look [especially for the man your about to marry] when you’re going out for special occasions and with your stylist come up with ways to glam up your style.

If the stylist on your wedding day is not your regular mane stylist, the trial gives both of you the opportunity to meet and understand the expectations for the day during the trial. Be open to advise from your stylist however make sure you’re comfortable with the bridal mane for the day.

Whilst your stylist may feel they want to give you the most amazing style on the day, remember they can only work with what you have in terms of your mane type and its current state. For instance, if you’re a natural mane wearer and you prefer not to have heat applied to your mane to alter its natural state, then you should consider styles that are more structured and suited for natural mane.Be realistic, is the style option you’re going for achievable with your hair type?

There are so many available, however it depends on the look you’re going for and the mane style chosen. Flowers are always beautiful and can complement your bouquet, you might also want to try hair pins with crystals and or pearls, or even a brooch can work well if the jewel is the look you are going for.

This can give you extra length and volume on the day or for natural mane wearers who would like to protect their hair, this is a good alternative for you to consider if your chosen style requires curls / straightening. If you decide to have extensions and you have never had them installed before, discuss the various options available for your mane type with your mane stylist and try them before the big day. If you decide to go ahead with extensions or if you’re not new to the process your extensions should be installed at least 3 days prior.  This will give your scalp and mane time to settle prior to the day.

Mane Spa

Your mane routine is very important, if you have been laid back about looking after your mane, now is the time to start caring so you’re happy with your overall look on the day. Monthly mane treatments will do wonders for your mane and help to keep it healthy and looking great for the day and after. Have your hair trimmed to avoid split ends, consider taking hair supplements (see your GP before you do so) to help maintain growth and wellbeing of your mane (especially when you have chosen to go on a diet). For your trial and on the wedding day it is essential that you have clean, dry and product free hair, it will make styling easier.

love your mane

Sunday 13 October 2013

Before. During. After. Caring for your mane and your extensions

Before your weave is installed, have a deep moisturising treatment and a trim if your will be keeping the extensions in for 2 - 3 months. The treatment will help ensure your hair is well hydrated and  trimming your hair before tucking it away, you will notice considerable growth during your mane hibernation.

During the next few weeks with your extensions installed. If your hair line has been left out, especially in front you should wash and condition it weekly with your weave washed every two weeks.

How to wash your extension if its a DIY process, wash face forward into the bath with diluted cleansing shampoo (Kera-Care hair extensions range is brilliant as it leaves hair refreshed and cleaned) followed by a 10 minutes condition. Make sure you give your hair a good rinse especially between your tracks to ensure your hair is product free. 

Avoid using heavy products on your hair and most especially on your extensions, you want your hair to move with each step you take. Rule of thumb when applying products, use a 5p sized amount! There is nothing less attractive than hair with product build up. If you have left hair all around your hair line, be sure to tuck away the hair at the back and sides if your wearing it down to avoid friction between your hair and the extensions which may lead to breakage.

The trick is to keep your hair hydrated.

You can wrap your hair if it’s straight or add big twists or plaits if you have curly or wavy hair. Wear a silk scarf or hair bonnet before going to bed and if you can invest in a silk pillow case if you find that a scarf never stays on through the night. 

After taking your extensions out, be gentle and brush your hair thoroughly prior to washing it. This is very crucial; washing without brushing your hair out properly will result in hair tangling /matting causing severe breakage. So section your hair into 4 and from tip to root brush, this way you brush out all the daily hair loss that’s been trapped in the canerow.

Your hair should be flawless with or without extensions.

your mane stop.

Monday 16 September 2013

Mane loss.... the bane of hair growth

Humans have approximately 90,000 to 140,000 hairs on their head. It is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day (if you compare the ratio that's not so bad, we can breathe a sigh of relief - I have!) .
A steady hair loss more than this amount, however, will cause noticeable hair thinning or baldness. Before you try to treat hair loss, you should learn about the possible causes of it. To ensure you know the real reason for your hair loss, you might want to consult with a physician, dermatologist or certified trichologist. 
Reasons for hair loss. 
In most cases, especially in men, it is genetic. 

Hormonal Imbalance 
Some other usual causes are hormonal imbalances, chemotherapy, drug side effects and mineral and iron (with iron deficiency you will notice your hair line especially by your temples are visibly thinner) deficiency. The use of Oral contraceptions can also cause hair loss.

A dramatic change in diet (bet you didn't think what you ate affected the hair on your head).

sickness such as liver and kidney diseases can cause temporary hair loss as well. This type of hair loss, nonetheless, usually corrects itself within a few months.

Infection / Stress 
In some rare occasions, people can also lose hair because of fungal infection and stress!! (yes stress!), where it is the latter the solution is simple - AVOID Stress and anything that increases your stress levels

Hair Extensions
whilst this can be a protective styling option, you also need to be aware that when your hair is pulled tightly it will result in hair breakage and can lead to traction alopecia. so the next time your having your braids/canerows/weaves/ponytail etc done ask for some tender & gentle touch.

Fact - hair is the fastest growing cell in your body. Why is it so hard to retain growth if that is the case? review your hair habits and routine. 

Healthy hair requires devotion and  you need to make a conscious effort.

Enjoy your journey to healthy Mane.

Tuesday 13 August 2013


I've been coasting and so have you!

When I started freelancing, I had a a lot to prove to myself and to everyone else. I have the skills combined with the passion to create hair styles for the day to day woman to edgy styles for fashion shows et al. I  soaked in as much as I could learning from various individuals who knew their craft and had their A game on. I created pieces, made hair my canvas and created styles that when even I finished I'd ask myself 'did I do that?' and I'd smile to myself knowing that I did.
Now I found over the past few years that I have not necessarily pushed or challenged myself as much as I did back then when it comes to creating edgy styles. Brings to memory an occasion when a friend was celebrating her birthday in Florence, Italy,  I was tasked with giving her a new hair style for her 21st. It was a four day trip, we got to our apartment late, unpacked and went out for dinner. We got back around 10pm. The rest of the group had gone to sleep around 11pm and so we began... she wanted a short bob style weave. I did the cane-rows (I always say this is the most critical part of a weave - if this is done wrongly then no matter how much you try the weave just wont look right- my opinion) and then sowed the extensions in place noting she wanted a short bob style. Then the art of cutting began (I didn't have the right scissors but somehow forged ahead - if memory serves me right we used a blade - am not a fan of blades).

I finished. she looked in the -mirror and said 'I like, but we can do more'. 'I want it edgy-ier' so she sat back down and I proceeded to give her edgy-ier. I'd say with a listening ear and willingness to deliver I gave her edgy-ier. She was happy and I was elated! I had pushed myself to deliver.

I look at my clientèle now and I find that most my clients are seeking styles that looks great on them and gives them that extra oomph.... Hopping and skipping their way through the day with the mantra "I look too good to be stressed" you know that feeling... The one you get when your hair is looking on point and your getting compliments from everyone... The one that gets the wolf whistles et al. Yea that feeling of euphoria and pure bliss... yes your hair can give you that (hence the millions women spend and are willing to spend). Whilst there is nothing wrong with this I try to encourage my clients to try something new, because if they do then am also pushing myself. Some of my clients I've had the pleasure of styling for over 5 years have this conversation with me... 'lets try something new' but on the day I hear 'I'd like the usual'.

In life we find something we are good at or like and tend to stick to it (bit too much sometimes it becomes mundane and boring!!) so every now and again it's good to try something new put the oomph back in your step! 

So like me if you find that you're stuck in a hair rot be brave! take that picture of the hair style you've been admiring for weeks (or years as the case maybe) to your stylist and follow through. Get that style done and walk out with a new found sense of freedom. And if you don't like it then at least you can say I gave it a go (but my general tip before you do it to your own hair is - try it out with extensions first and see how you feel before taking the plunge especially when it comes to things like colouring / cutting).

as your mane.


Wednesday 10 July 2013

Mane Attraction

Came across this recent Beyonce shoot for Flaunt Magazine and I must say its a very strong look and I love the cascading curls and volume that's been created!

This will be a style inspiration for our next shoot for sure. 

Your mane can be a statement piece and accessory to complement a simple and elegant outfit. So next time your uncertain about what to wear for an event, keep it simple and opt for a statement mane that's sure to get heads turned in your direction. 

Here are my favorite images from the shoot. 

These images belong to Flaunt / Beyonce and we are using merely as reference. Read the interview excerpts here

Love your mane.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Finding the Mane Piece

The search to find the jewel that will take my hair do from "it's ok" to "wow" your hair looks amazing. 

All that glitters truly is a beauty when done in moderation and tastefully. So for the past week I have been on a hunt to find my mane piece but it seems to elude me (for the time being anyway). I came close when I discovered this beauty, however it was too small to have the desired effect and doubling it would be err na! 

Looking at it now and aww my heart melts. Never mind, I press on knowing the mane piece is out there waiting to be discovered.

We've worked with a lot of brides over the years and here are some pieces we love.

A Single White Rose
MUA - Bolanle Makeuppro 

Combination of tiara and pearl pins
MUA - Pauline Briscoe

Pearl & Diamanté comb

One of the keys to having the perfect hair do, is to chose your style first and then find a piece that will add that "umph" to it.

Thanks to our lovely brides who allow us to be a part of their special day!

That's all the mane talk until next time.... Love your mane.


Sunday 16 June 2013

"I Do"

These words are due to come out of my mouth in approximately 6 weeks, and the question I've been asked the most is "who is doing your hair"? well that will be revealed on the day...stay tuned.

I can however share my tips with you on the routines I've developed over the past few months. Nothing new really except sometimes we need to be told so as to put into practices! so am telling you to keep it simple :)

I started by washing my hair at least twice a week using Philip Kingsley moisture extreme shampoo followed by moisture balancing conditioner. This ensured that my hair was clean and moisturised (try washing your hair more often and you will notice the difference in your hair texture and condition). I know the myth but to be honest you would not go a day without taking a bath and the same skin on your body is the same on your head.

My hair is getting the right treatment, I had to ensure that I was maintaining a healthy balanced diet (avoiding as best possible to go on diets) and lifestyle. We'll come back to the effects of  poor diet later.

Once I had my routine on lock,  I also incorporated hair supplements to help give my hair the extra boost it needed on the days I may have forgotten to eat properly (opsie!) we all have those days. To ensure your hair does not suffer supplements can help provide your hair with targeted nutrients (I'll write a blog looking at supplements and dispel the myths).

Trimming your hair after a relax is very important to maintaining healthy hair, it prevents split ends. Remember it is better to be preventive than to cure!

Enjoy loving your mane and let us know your routine!

Our first post.... we hope you enjoyed.

your mane stop.


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