Sunday 13 October 2013

Before. During. After. Caring for your mane and your extensions

Before your weave is installed, have a deep moisturising treatment and a trim if your will be keeping the extensions in for 2 - 3 months. The treatment will help ensure your hair is well hydrated and  trimming your hair before tucking it away, you will notice considerable growth during your mane hibernation.

During the next few weeks with your extensions installed. If your hair line has been left out, especially in front you should wash and condition it weekly with your weave washed every two weeks.

How to wash your extension if its a DIY process, wash face forward into the bath with diluted cleansing shampoo (Kera-Care hair extensions range is brilliant as it leaves hair refreshed and cleaned) followed by a 10 minutes condition. Make sure you give your hair a good rinse especially between your tracks to ensure your hair is product free. 

Avoid using heavy products on your hair and most especially on your extensions, you want your hair to move with each step you take. Rule of thumb when applying products, use a 5p sized amount! There is nothing less attractive than hair with product build up. If you have left hair all around your hair line, be sure to tuck away the hair at the back and sides if your wearing it down to avoid friction between your hair and the extensions which may lead to breakage.

The trick is to keep your hair hydrated.

You can wrap your hair if it’s straight or add big twists or plaits if you have curly or wavy hair. Wear a silk scarf or hair bonnet before going to bed and if you can invest in a silk pillow case if you find that a scarf never stays on through the night. 

After taking your extensions out, be gentle and brush your hair thoroughly prior to washing it. This is very crucial; washing without brushing your hair out properly will result in hair tangling /matting causing severe breakage. So section your hair into 4 and from tip to root brush, this way you brush out all the daily hair loss that’s been trapped in the canerow.

Your hair should be flawless with or without extensions.

your mane stop.