Monday 3 November 2014

My Mane Journey with Philip Kingsley: Tricotheraphy

I like my hair a lot, you could even say I love it. Sadly it spends majority of the time in a mixture of weaves and braids. why? Well I don’t want it to break, it’s been a long road to get to this point. So when AVOS Hair asked me to trial the new PK Trico hair regime I jumped at the opportunity as it promised to: make your hair look and feel fuller, thicker and more volumized while encouraging healthy hair growth. Healthier hair would result in stronger more resilient hair that I could leave out for longer periods, and of course the added benefit of having fuller and thicker hair. 
Before I started the PK Tricotherapy course, I already had a regime of my own using the Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo, Conditioner and Elasticzier Extreme Pre Shampoo Treatment and for my relax I use Phytospecific relaxer

I have my hair relaxed about every 6 months, wash twice a week,allowing it to air dry (only applying heat when I needed to have my hair styled). This has been my routine for the past three years and I started using Philip Kingsley 18 months ago, and I can say my hair texture and growth has vastly improved.

So, moving onto the Tricotherapy regime, consisting of three products to provide an holistic approach to hair careTricho Pro: volumizing protein spray, Tricho 7: volumizing hair & scalp treatment, Tricho Complex: hair nutrition formula. I followed the instructions religiously for 8 weeks (I had to stop for about two weeks for unrelated medical reasons), I can honestly say there is a difference!  I'd say it took a few days for me to notice the effects of the volumizing protein spray, this delay in time may have been due to me not having my hair blow dried straight when I started using it. It took about two weeks to notice a more general improvement in my hair. Initially to  really notice the effects of Trichothearapy I had to either blow dry my hair using an afro pik or flat iron it. 

After - left / before - right
Fast forward 8 weeks later.... the result has been outstanding! the amount of hair shedding has reduced and since I relaxed my hair at the start of summer. I have been able to wear my hair out for the longest period in a very long time! 

Now it's recommend you use the product for 3 months before you expect to start seeing results, and this would vary from one person to another.  I was able to see a difference after 8 weeks of use, I was also on holiday in Australia for about two thirds of the time whilst using the product (water down under is softer than that of the UK, most especially in lovely London city). It is also clearly stated on the packaging "DO NOT CONSUME Tricho Complex ON AN EMPTY STOMACH" and please consult your GP prior to use if your on any other medications. It is important that your eat prior to taking the tablet, and you combine this with a healthy and well balanced diet. 

Side note, if Tricho is too much of an investment for you currently, I would fully recommend switching to PK products. There's a range for different hair types e.g. relaxed, natural, in- between, its near impossible not to notice the difference in your hair texture if used properly. 

I have now finished the Tricotheraphy regime, and to maintain my length and healthy hair i will be taking the PK4 Hair supplements as part of my healthy mane lifestyle. This is the  longest period I've had my hair out since my pre-teen years I am  very happy with my hair and the journey continues. 

It also helps to have a stylist who is passionate about your mane and understands you!

Contact us at AVOS Hair for a consultation and how to begin your journey to healthy mane... thank you Yemi for your time and testing our this amazing product for us.

your mane stop

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Supplement your mane

Supplement your mane?

Protein: the good thing about protein is that it gives your mane strength, however use too often and your mane would be hard and prone to snapping easily. After a protein treatment I always followed with a moisturizing treatment just to put some suppleness and bounce back in. 

I did some research and I realized that I was still missing a key ingredient, keratin which is what your mane requires. This is the structural component your mane needs to grow….and my mane was lacking it. I changed tactics with my mane, anyone who knows me knows that I adore my mane, it’s my crown (my way of instilling confidence in my clients that they had chosen the right stylist). I started using the Philip Kingsley product range, mainly the elasticzier and soya protein supplements.

I wash my mane twice a week (the more often you wash your mane the more moisture it gets from water, I mean who said washing your mane once every two weeks was a good idea? they need to be asked about the state of their hygiene- I mean how often do you have your shower? And the same skin is on your head and requires just as much care and attention as the skin on your body). Any way back to my point the key ingredient for your mane (and life) is water, my mane was dehydrated which, was why it was dry and felt like sand paper. You can never rinse your mane too much so after your conditioner make sure you rinse, rinse and rinse some more! I apply the elasticzier, once a week because I have relaxed mane (natural belle’s you only need to use once/twice a month) which, has lots of elastin (strength and elasticity), natural castor oil & olive oil (locks in moisture for bounce & shine), silicone's (smooths and adds shine), glycerin and glycol (moisture retention) in it specifically for my mane, helping it to rebuild itself by delivering elasticity, bounce and shine to hair.

I also started taking hair supplements twice a day, which ensured that my mane was getting the right nutrients at the right time (my eating habits can be somewhat erratic), helping to boost my mane growth levels.

I  also advised my friends and clients  to take hair supplements, to help with maintaining their healthy mane. The first question I got asked was, won’t I get hairier, and in places I’d rather not? Good news, nope I haven’t developed any unwanted hair growth facially or otherwise anywhere except on my HEAD! J.

If you think about it, we take tablets for almost every other aspect of our body and skin when we feel that things could do with a little help. So why not for your mane! These supplements also contain vitamins and irons and nutrients key to the development of our well-being depending on which brand you get.

Philip Kingsley 4 Hair is specifically designed to target and provide essential fortified amino acids essential for healthy growth.

Holland & Barrett Skin Hair and Nails, is a balanced supplement to support healthy hair, skin and nails which contains antioxidants, vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium (kills the scalp fungus that causes shedding and dry skin).

Perfectil Skin Hair and Nails, this also doubles up as a complete multivitamin for all round good health.
To get and maintain healthy mane you have to combine the external products that will help with combating the environmental effects and internal products that provide essential building blocks. DO CONSULT A GP / PHARMACIST before use and / or combine with any other medication.

Snacking on wholegrain and nuts in between meals (even if you are on a diet) also helps to ensure that you are not starving your mane (your mane needs food too!).

So whether you want to get your mane looking great or want to maintain its current healthy state then give your mane some love, don’t be afraid to supplement your mane and cultivate a healthy lifestyle!

Thursday 30 January 2014

Weddings - we do love a good wedding

Before I got married, I was all about weddings... could not get enough of them. More-so the fact that before I knew my husband would be my husband I had my wedding book filled with inspirations from color themes to locations. I even sketched my dress (thankfully I had the amazing Kosibah save me from myself).

I love hearing stories of how the couples met, their grand ideas for their big day and what they were looking forward to the most.

For me being in the brides room and being a part of her special day gives the most rewarding feeling ever (shout out to all our brides to date for trusting us to style them and get them ready). Whilst very emotional it can also be comical.

There are no two brides that are the same; you get the calm, cool collected bride and you get the wild fun can't seem to sit still kinda bride (I fell into the latter category - my make up artist - Elaine at  Shomya told me this repeatedly *face covered*). Yet what amazes me the most is how brides cope gracefully when things sorta go of course - as they do with weddings.

I had a bride a few years ago, who the night before her wedding received a call from the vicar that the church had flooded (deep breathe). She simply called me in the morning just as I was about to set out to her and said "take your time - no need to get here till later" confused I was like uh? At which point she explained what had happened and as such needed some more time to re-work logistics for the day. Luckily her reception venue had a licence for weddings and they simply had to contact all their guests and inform them of the new location and timing.  Things worked out beautifully in the end.

I also remember getting a call from a bride as I was pulling up at her location that she was having dress issues (I freaked thinking crap not the wedding dress!) alas it was her second dress so worst case scenario she would have just ended up staying in her wedding dress. Luckily order was restored thanks to a dutiful and diligent bridesmaid!

Which brings me to the topic of bridesmaids - it's not about you! So remember when your asked to be one be the best that you can be and support as best as you can and if you feel at any point that supporting and being called upon to run errands aren't your thing then gracefully decline the position. Nothing worse than a bridesmaid that thinks she's the bride.

Brides - no matter how tough it gets hang on tight because I promise you that at the end of the day all that will matter to you most is that you've said "I will" to the man of your choice and your about to begin your happily ever after. Chose the battles you fight during the preparations carefully and focus your energy on your marriage and making it the best! There are many happily married couples, who chose daily to work hard at a fulfilling and enriching marriage - make yours one of them.

Be original and do you... on that note enjoy the pics from one of our 2013 brides who went all out with creativity  - Creative Chemistry! Congrats Tori & Dan bridal party hair styled by us. Brides make up by Alison Cameron and Bridal party make up by - Beauty Boudoir

Happy wedding planning....

Monday 20 January 2014

Mane Washing

We recently posted a picture regarding washing your mane and how often your mane should be washed. we advised at least once a week and if you can opt for every three days (personally I try to wash every three days especially when I have also been to the gym).

And we had a comment stating that black hair should not be washed that often and we were being ignorant and doing a disservice.

Lets apply some common sense to this process, Caucasians typically wash their mane every day (and more than once a day in some cases), and the fact is majority of Caucasians enjoy the benefits of healthy mane. our scalp is a type of skin and one could argue that everyday washing would dry out the skin on your body so you should only wash once or twice a month (you might find that people no longer want to stand next to you).

It is not the frequency of washing your mane that causes damage to your mane, but rather what you wash your mane with and how. This is where choosing the right product is important, water (aqua) should be the first on the list of ingredients for any product you use, silicones and the like should be way down the list!!

Did you know that 48 hours after washing your mane your scalp is already dirty and the build up of dirt can lead to various scalp issues like dandruff. SO when you apply oils and you've applied everything on earth to your scalp and yet that dandruff persists you'll know why. Dandruff & Dry Scalp whilst they may look similar are very different scalp problems and should be treated differently.

Art of washing your mane requires great care, here's our simple guide.

Comb through - using a wide tooth comb, to remove any tangles in your mane (tangles will only get more tangled when wet - water is its enabler!)

Wet Mane - your mane should be soaked with warm water before the application of shampoo. Gently brush your fingers through your mane to ensure that water is evenly distributed throughout.

Shampoo (ph balanced & formulated for dry mane)- pour some shampoo into the palm of your hands (or better yet still dilute the shampoo in some water) and rub your hands together to build up a later before gently applying to your mane and scalp. use the ball of your fingers rather than your finger nails to massage your head gently (soft kneading motions) and every so often run your fingers through your mane gently to ensure your strands are not tangled. If your washing your mane frequently you'll find that you need less shampoo and one shampoo will be sufficient - hence the statement that regular shampooing will damage your mane becomes redundant. Gone are the days of brown greasy water leaving your head!

Rinse - this is the crucial part, you need to rinse thoroughly and just when you think your done rinse some more.

Condition - apply conditioner and cover with a shower cap for 5 - 10 mins.

Rinse! Rinse!! Rinse!!!

We will finish on this note your mane is one of the strongest membrane on your body it's not as fragile as you might think as the average head of mane can support 23 tons of weight yet you need to be gentle- soft hands.

So if you have been washing your mane once or twice a month, we'd like to challenge you to up the number of times you wash your mane for a healthier looking mane.

as always love your mane.


ps. enjoy the animation and tips from the book happy hair days by philip kingsley (renowned tricologist) with over 4 decades of experience.