Thursday, 30 January 2014

Weddings - we do love a good wedding

Before I got married, I was all about weddings... could not get enough of them. More-so the fact that before I knew my husband would be my husband I had my wedding book filled with inspirations from color themes to locations. I even sketched my dress (thankfully I had the amazing Kosibah save me from myself).

I love hearing stories of how the couples met, their grand ideas for their big day and what they were looking forward to the most.

For me being in the brides room and being a part of her special day gives the most rewarding feeling ever (shout out to all our brides to date for trusting us to style them and get them ready). Whilst very emotional it can also be comical.

There are no two brides that are the same; you get the calm, cool collected bride and you get the wild fun can't seem to sit still kinda bride (I fell into the latter category - my make up artist - Elaine at  Shomya told me this repeatedly *face covered*). Yet what amazes me the most is how brides cope gracefully when things sorta go of course - as they do with weddings.

I had a bride a few years ago, who the night before her wedding received a call from the vicar that the church had flooded (deep breathe). She simply called me in the morning just as I was about to set out to her and said "take your time - no need to get here till later" confused I was like uh? At which point she explained what had happened and as such needed some more time to re-work logistics for the day. Luckily her reception venue had a licence for weddings and they simply had to contact all their guests and inform them of the new location and timing.  Things worked out beautifully in the end.

I also remember getting a call from a bride as I was pulling up at her location that she was having dress issues (I freaked thinking crap not the wedding dress!) alas it was her second dress so worst case scenario she would have just ended up staying in her wedding dress. Luckily order was restored thanks to a dutiful and diligent bridesmaid!

Which brings me to the topic of bridesmaids - it's not about you! So remember when your asked to be one be the best that you can be and support as best as you can and if you feel at any point that supporting and being called upon to run errands aren't your thing then gracefully decline the position. Nothing worse than a bridesmaid that thinks she's the bride.

Brides - no matter how tough it gets hang on tight because I promise you that at the end of the day all that will matter to you most is that you've said "I will" to the man of your choice and your about to begin your happily ever after. Chose the battles you fight during the preparations carefully and focus your energy on your marriage and making it the best! There are many happily married couples, who chose daily to work hard at a fulfilling and enriching marriage - make yours one of them.

Be original and do you... on that note enjoy the pics from one of our 2013 brides who went all out with creativity  - Creative Chemistry! Congrats Tori & Dan bridal party hair styled by us. Brides make up by Alison Cameron and Bridal party make up by - Beauty Boudoir

Happy wedding planning....

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