Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finding the Mane Piece

The search to find the jewel that will take my hair do from "it's ok" to "wow" your hair looks amazing. 

All that glitters truly is a beauty when done in moderation and tastefully. So for the past week I have been on a hunt to find my mane piece but it seems to elude me (for the time being anyway). I came close when I discovered this beauty, however it was too small to have the desired effect and doubling it would be err na! 

Looking at it now and aww my heart melts. Never mind, I press on knowing the mane piece is out there waiting to be discovered.

We've worked with a lot of brides over the years and here are some pieces we love.

A Single White Rose
MUA - Bolanle Makeuppro 

Combination of tiara and pearl pins
MUA - Pauline Briscoe

Pearl & Diamant√© comb

One of the keys to having the perfect hair do, is to chose your style first and then find a piece that will add that "umph" to it.

Thanks to our lovely brides who allow us to be a part of their special day!

That's all the mane talk until next time.... Love your mane.


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