Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What's in the Weft?

Hand-Tied / Machine Weft Hair Extensions. What is the difference between the two?

First the price, hand weft hair extensions come with a higher price tag than machine weft extensions and are generally a better grade of human hair.

The other significant difference is the weft. 

Hand weft extensions are made by hand and are stitched together by hand using a sturdy piece of weaving thread. They are long lasting with appropriate care and maintenance. They are lot less visible and flatter to install giving you a more seamless install and blend, the weft can not be cut under no circumstances however with precision your stylist will be able to manipulate the wefts to fit the tracks. Hand weft hair will not shed because the track are left intact and uncut. 

Machine weft hair  is the most common method, cheapest and quickest method of bundling hair together, The weft is considerably thicker than hand weft extensions and as such can be cut throughout installation to fit the tracks to ensure the install is natural. Its easier to install primarily because the level of care when installing is a lot more relaxed than when installing hand weft hair. There might be some shedding, however if the quality and the grade of extensions are high this will be minimal. 

The choice is yours to make as to which weft to go for, what will work  for your hair and if your stylist is able to work with it. 

At AVOS Hair we work with either weft and our goal is to install your extensions so they look as natural as possible. If it is not hand weft we will cut the weft to ensure we lay the tracks down properly. 💁💇🏽

Monday, 17 August 2015

Destination Weddings

You have just said yes to the guy who asked you "will you marry me?", You've picked the date, found the dress, shoes et al now to find your vendors who will deliver various services that will make your day.

How do you go about finding the right vendors for your big day! Especially when you're thinking of a destination wedding?

Google might be of some help but it's usually best to chose vendors recommended to you by someone who has used their service before and was very happy with the service they received. 

We love weddings and we travel to any destination chosen by our brides. And all our brides come recommended to us from previous clients and we are always humbled by the positive feedback we receive. 

Let's take you on a quick tour of our destination brides over the years. 

First stop Tanzania, Dar es Salam  

Madelines's extensions were installed a few days before the big day. I remember the back on forth when it came to choosing the right extensions as she wanted something fairly easy to manage on honeymoon. She went for wavy Virgin hair extensions. 

For the big day Madeline opted for a centre part hair style with a neat chigon roll at the back framing her face beautifully. 

Our next bride Yewi, her chosen destination was the UAE - Duabi Ritz Carlton. All she said was make "my hair hot! I trust you". 

For her pre wedding drinks we curled her hair and she wore it down, which went beautifully with her soft makeup and sultry little pink dress.

For the big day it self her hair was curled and set using curl clips. We then created a side swept up do to frame her face and give her the chic and sophisticated look to go with her lace dress.

Our next brides choose the continent of Europe to say their vows.

Spain - Malaga 

Moriam chose to have an outdoor ceremony by the sea and it was truly magical!

We arrived a day before the big day to install her extensions which we then styled the morning of the wedding in a soft side swept fringe and soft pinned up curls at the back to complement her dress beautifully. 

France - Provence 

Bola chose the south of France for her big day. She wanted us to incorporate a French braid in her style. SO we created a chignon with the French braid across it and also added some curls which flowed from her side swept fringe.

The wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful courtyard of the Chateau de Robernier,

Each couple made their day unique and also planned activities for their guests to enjoy after the wedding.

Thanks to all our brides for choosing us.. we enjoyed being a part of each and every single one of your special days.

contact us at brides@avoshair.com for all your bridal styling needs and beyond.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Au Natural Bride - Part 1

Going natural is a challenge, and it can feel even more so for your big day when it comes to styling options and keeping your locks moisturised on a day to day basis.

Over the years we have come across a range of clients with varying natural hair textures and our task is to help them achieve their chosen style. 

AVOS Bride Toyin
We can remember one of our very first natural hair brides, Toyin and Seyi.

Toyin has never applied chemicals in her hair and you can tell by the sheer volume, texture and length of her hair - I feel into hair heaven immediately. Her hair was washed and conditioned and then set in rollers to dry. Once the hair was dry we then used a flat iron to smoothen the curls to give the curls their glossy look. Toyin opted for curls and her look was complemented with flowers in her hair - her overall look was romantic and elegant. Make Up by BMakeuppro

AVOS Bride Seyi

Seyi transitioned back to natural hair after years of relaxing and for her big day she opted for an updo. Her hair was blow-dried and curled using a flat iron, we then pinned up the curls into a low bun at the back.

Toriste went for the ultra glam look on her big day. Her hair was washed and conditioned the night before the big day. To achieved her curls and create added volume her hair was put into Bantu knots overnight. The knots were released in the morning and using a wand redefined the curls. Her look was completed with flowers and hair up to show off the lovely detail in her dress. Her face beat was by Alison Cameron.

AVOS Bride Toriste

We enjoy the creativity working with natural hair brides and the challenge. All our brides testify to the fact that their hair despite the humidity retains the style for the best part of the day and over the years new products have been introduced to help.

AVOS Bride Georgina

Georgina opted to for tree braids which we then styled into a low bun. As no heat was applied we created faux curls and pinned to created the side swept fringe and the bun was created with overlapping swirls.Pearls and tiaras rounded off this ultra sophisticated look. Face beat by Pauline Briscoe.

We will be uploading more images of our natural hair brides in the coming weeks, do check out our instagram page for regular updates.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bridal Hair Inspiration

One of the core services we provide as a mobile hair company is bridal hair styling.

Being a part of one of the best days of an individual's life is incredible and in 2015 we are looking forward to providing great service to our clients.   

We talk with Black Brides and Weddings about bridal hair inspiration... Check it out!

More inspiration on our instagram page @avoshair


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Monday, 3 November 2014

My Mane Journey with Philip Kingsley: Tricotheraphy

I like my hair a lot, you could even say I love it. Sadly it spends majority of the time in a mixture of weaves and braids. why? Well I don’t want it to break, it’s been a long road to get to this point. So when AVOS Hair asked me to trial the new PK Trico hair regime I jumped at the opportunity as it promised to: make your hair look and feel fuller, thicker and more volumized while encouraging healthy hair growth. Healthier hair would result in stronger more resilient hair that I could leave out for longer periods, and of course the added benefit of having fuller and thicker hair. 
Before I started the PK Tricotherapy course, I already had a regime of my own using the Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo, Conditioner and Elasticzier Extreme Pre Shampoo Treatment and for my relax I use Phytospecific relaxer

I have my hair relaxed about every 6 months, wash twice a week,allowing it to air dry (only applying heat when I needed to have my hair styled). This has been my routine for the past three years and I started using Philip Kingsley 18 months ago, and I can say my hair texture and growth has vastly improved.

So, moving onto the Tricotherapy regime, consisting of three products to provide an holistic approach to hair careTricho Pro: volumizing protein spray, Tricho 7: volumizing hair & scalp treatment, Tricho Complex: hair nutrition formula. I followed the instructions religiously for 8 weeks (I had to stop for about two weeks for unrelated medical reasons), I can honestly say there is a difference!  I'd say it took a few days for me to notice the effects of the volumizing protein spray, this delay in time may have been due to me not having my hair blow dried straight when I started using it. It took about two weeks to notice a more general improvement in my hair. Initially to  really notice the effects of Trichothearapy I had to either blow dry my hair using an afro pik or flat iron it. 

After - left / before - right
Fast forward 8 weeks later.... the result has been outstanding! the amount of hair shedding has reduced and since I relaxed my hair at the start of summer. I have been able to wear my hair out for the longest period in a very long time! 

Now it's recommend you use the product for 3 months before you expect to start seeing results, and this would vary from one person to another.  I was able to see a difference after 8 weeks of use, I was also on holiday in Australia for about two thirds of the time whilst using the product (water down under is softer than that of the UK, most especially in lovely London city). It is also clearly stated on the packaging "DO NOT CONSUME Tricho Complex ON AN EMPTY STOMACH" and please consult your GP prior to use if your on any other medications. It is important that your eat prior to taking the tablet, and you combine this with a healthy and well balanced diet. 

Side note, if Tricho is too much of an investment for you currently, I would fully recommend switching to PK products. There's a range for different hair types e.g. relaxed, natural, in- between, its near impossible not to notice the difference in your hair texture if used properly. 

I have now finished the Tricotheraphy regime, and to maintain my length and healthy hair i will be taking the PK4 Hair supplements as part of my healthy mane lifestyle. This is the  longest period I've had my hair out since my pre-teen years I am  very happy with my hair and the journey continues. 

It also helps to have a stylist who is passionate about your mane and understands you!

Contact us at AVOS Hair for a consultation and how to begin your journey to healthy mane... thank you Yemi for your time and testing our this amazing product for us.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Supplement your mane

Supplement your mane?

Protein: the good thing about protein is that it gives your mane strength, however use too often and your mane would be hard and prone to snapping easily. After a protein treatment I always followed with a moisturizing treatment just to put some suppleness and bounce back in. 

I did some research and I realized that I was still missing a key ingredient, keratin which is what your mane requires. This is the structural component your mane needs to grow….and my mane was lacking it. I changed tactics with my mane, anyone who knows me knows that I adore my mane, it’s my crown (my way of instilling confidence in my clients that they had chosen the right stylist). I started using the Philip Kingsley product range, mainly the elasticzier and soya protein supplements.

I wash my mane twice a week (the more often you wash your mane the more moisture it gets from water, I mean who said washing your mane once every two weeks was a good idea? they need to be asked about the state of their hygiene- I mean how often do you have your shower? And the same skin is on your head and requires just as much care and attention as the skin on your body). Any way back to my point the key ingredient for your mane (and life) is water, my mane was dehydrated which, was why it was dry and felt like sand paper. You can never rinse your mane too much so after your conditioner make sure you rinse, rinse and rinse some more! I apply the elasticzier, once a week because I have relaxed mane (natural belle’s you only need to use once/twice a month) which, has lots of elastin (strength and elasticity), natural castor oil & olive oil (locks in moisture for bounce & shine), silicone's (smooths and adds shine), glycerin and glycol (moisture retention) in it specifically for my mane, helping it to rebuild itself by delivering elasticity, bounce and shine to hair.

I also started taking hair supplements twice a day, which ensured that my mane was getting the right nutrients at the right time (my eating habits can be somewhat erratic), helping to boost my mane growth levels.

I  also advised my friends and clients  to take hair supplements, to help with maintaining their healthy mane. The first question I got asked was, won’t I get hairier, and in places I’d rather not? Good news, nope I haven’t developed any unwanted hair growth facially or otherwise anywhere except on my HEAD! J.

If you think about it, we take tablets for almost every other aspect of our body and skin when we feel that things could do with a little help. So why not for your mane! These supplements also contain vitamins and irons and nutrients key to the development of our well-being depending on which brand you get.

Philip Kingsley 4 Hair is specifically designed to target and provide essential fortified amino acids essential for healthy growth.

Holland & Barrett Skin Hair and Nails, is a balanced supplement to support healthy hair, skin and nails which contains antioxidants, vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium (kills the scalp fungus that causes shedding and dry skin).

Perfectil Skin Hair and Nails, this also doubles up as a complete multivitamin for all round good health.
To get and maintain healthy mane you have to combine the external products that will help with combating the environmental effects and internal products that provide essential building blocks. DO CONSULT A GP / PHARMACIST before use and / or combine with any other medication.

Snacking on wholegrain and nuts in between meals (even if you are on a diet) also helps to ensure that you are not starving your mane (your mane needs food too!).

So whether you want to get your mane looking great or want to maintain its current healthy state then give your mane some love, don’t be afraid to supplement your mane and cultivate a healthy lifestyle!